Temporary Resident

NeXt Generation Canada Immigration Services is a professional visa and immigration practice that places the utmost importance on a client´s eligibility—you will be treated with honesty and sensitivity. Rest assured that you will be informed at the start whether you qualify now for any of the Temporary Entry Visas or Permits or if you can qualify in the future.

NeXt Generation Canada Immigration Services will counsel and advise you, make a thorough eligibility assessment, and once you qualify, prepare the complete application, make the submission, handle the follow up, and provide you with weekly updates up to the final decision–in order to keep you fully informed throughout the process.

NeXt Generation Canada Immigration Services specializes in both Temporary Entry and Permanent Immigration program applications.

Temporary Entry
Visitor Visa
Business Visitor
Study Permit
Work Permits
Super Visa for Parents and Grandparents