Study Permit

Canada is consistently recognized as one of the best study-abroad destintations in the world due to the country´s superb level of teaching, highly qualified professors, high-ranking schools and programs, and state-of-the-art facilities. In addition, Canada´s price-quality ratio and international student satisfaction is second to none.

Canadian college and university certificates, diplomas and degrees are fully recognized worldwide. Thousands of students come to Canada each year to study, and many remain upon graduation due to the ease of transitioning from post-secondary education to the workforce.

Obtaining a valid student and/or work permit–especially for Co-op Education–is imperative in order to be accepted into and successfully complete certain post-secondary programs.

For those students who wish to remain in Canada temporarily on a work permit OR immigrate to Canada permanently, studying in Canada is a practical first step to achieving this goal.

Next Generation Canada Immigration Services is here to assit you apply for your study permit in an efficient manner via the RCIC online portal. Allow Next Generation Canada Immigration Services to keep the application process quick and simple for you!


The study permit is a mandatory immigration document required by most who study in Canada.


Apart from a few exceptions, most international students require a study permit for Canada. However, a study permit is NOT required if the duration of the program is 6 months or less.

Study Permit Sample
Sample Study Permit


Students can apply for a study permit once they have received confirmation/approval from their designated learning institution.


  • Your RCIC´s online portal (have an expert complete and submit your applicaton)
  • Online (create your own account)
  • At a Port of Entry (Border) – ONLY citizens of certain countries qualify
  • Using a Paper application – ONLY if you are NOT eligible to apply online (additional fee applicable after November 2019)

Study Permit Services

✔ Initial Study Permit (inside or outside of Canada)
✔ Temporary Resident Visa
✔ Visitor Record
✔ Study Permit extension
✔ Change of Study Permit Conditions
✔ Initial Work Permit for Co-Op and Practicum Education
✔ Work Permit Extension
✔ Change of Work Permit Conditions
✔ Change of Designated Learning Institution (DLI)
✔ Post-Graduation Work Permit
✔ Open Work Permit
✔ Immigration Case Assessment